mono everywhere

Mono is mountable, portable and wearable. It’s small, powerful, wireless and connects to your smartphone.

Use the MonoTask Agenda when on the go or mounted by your desk, to quickly see your upcoming events

Available models

mono Basic


For your basic projects, no wireless communication included.

mono Wifi


Connect your mono to the internet using the built-in Wifi!

mono Maker


Full connectivity with this premium model, with Bluetooth LE and Wifi

All models include battery, sensors and touch display

The place between too dumb and too smart

  • Mono replaces all your single-use dedicated devices, with one smart and connected device
  • Mono is used where your smarter devices are too big, too expensive or have too little battery life

Hardware Specification

  • Cypress PSoC5 Cortex-M3, 66 Mhz, 64kb SRAM, 256kb Flash
  • Wifi IEEE 802.11g *
  • Bluetooth LE **
  • 2.2″ TFT Touch Display
  • Lithium-Ion Battery, 420mAh
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • Buzz Speaker
  • SD Card Slot
  • Expansion Connector
  • Micro USB
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Multi Function Button
* Wifi enabled model
** BLE enabled model

Including the powerful and easy Mono Framework software library.

Sense symbol
Sense & Monitor
Display symbol
Upload symbol
Share online
Connect symbol
Connect your phone
Mount symbol
Mountable & Portable
Automate symbol
Battery symbol
Battery powered
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Arduino Compatible