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is where you can share your latest creations with the mono community. You can choose to share only the binary, or go open source using tools like GitHub.

Measure the absolute velocity and acceleration, using mono‘s built-in accelerometer.

TopSpeed Gauge

Included monotasks

  • Weather: Display online weather data for today and tomorrow
  • Agenda: Synchronized calendar feed
  • Accelerate: Sense, monitor and record Mono’s movement
  • Alarm Clock: Let Mono wake you up in the morning or use it as a timer
  • Chronos: A beautiful wall or wristwatch
  • Temp Sense: Monitor ambient temperature and get notifications on your phone
  • Hue Remote: One-click control of your Philips Hue lights
  • Next Ride: Display the next train or bus arriving at your closest station or bus stop​

HueRemote Task

Control your Philips Hue light with mono

Philips Hue is great, but sometimes using your phone to control them is clumsy. The mono HueRemote task is one-click control of your lights. Just like the old-fashioned wall switch.


monokiosk will take-off with a bunch of tasks that we find useful. And we can not wait to see your creations

When we ship mono we will provide already finished open source tasks in

Weather Task

Have the forecast instantly

This Weather task is available out-of-the-box, for every internet enabled mono.